MTM – Work design productive and safe

Why go for MTM training?

If you have to provide evidence that new or changed working processes, CIP workshops, cardboard engineering, improvement or change projects, quality audits, lean and value stream projects, or set-up time optimization procedures offer benefits, it is necessary to contrast actual and target situations.

MTM offers the suitable methods and tools for these activities. As an MTM expert, you play an important role in preventive process design and long-term productivity increases in your area of responsibility. MTM training also forms the basis for achieving challenging management tasks – for example, communicating future performance requirements.

Are you interested in our MTM training program within Germany? The complete offer of our courses, their content, price, terms and online application can be found here. Course language is mainly German.

MTM training courses in English:

    • Public training courses are MTM-1 and MTM-UAS (to become a MTM-Practitioner) and MTM-Practitioner as EAWS and EAWS-Practitioner. For further dates and application please contact us at

    • In-house training courses are MTM-1, MTM-UAS, MTM-SD, MTM-MEK, MTM Logistics, MTM-Practitioner, MTM-Practitioner refreshing and EAWS-Practitioner. For further dates and application please contact us at

    • We are also happy to support you in planning MTM trainings worldwide. Your contact for international instruction and training is Prof Peter Kuhlang, Director of MTM Institute. For further information please don't hesitate to send an e-mail


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