MTM – Work design productive and safe

Quantifying biomechanical load for ergonomic assessment (EAWS)

The comprehensive design of work stations and conditions can be realized only if ergonomic aspects are integrated into the product development and planning phase of a work system from the beginning. Prospective ergonomics is vastly more effective and also cost-saving than touching up with corrective ergonomics.

Against this backdrop experts n the fields of occupational health and safety, physiology/biomechanics, labor science and work design developed the ergonomics tool EAWS (Ergonomic Assessment Work Sheet) in international cooperation to assess biomechanical loads at the work place. The project is coordinated by the International MTM Directorate IMD with scientific support in developing and enhancing EAWS from the Institut für Arbeitswissenschaft at the TU Darmstadt (IAD).

EAWS facilitates:

  • Prospective process assessment and design: calculate ergonomic deficits starting in the concept phase of production planning to avoid costs: "Right from the start!"
  • Examine the overall load situation: The combination of heavily loaded activities with activities of low physical load is decisive for the results of an ergonomic assessment (based on employee shift duration).
  • Comprehensive assessment of physical loads:
    Assessing physical loads upon the entire body and assessing short-cycle loads on the upper extremities each with an evaluative traffic light (3-zone evaluation system according to EN614).
  • Safeguarding standards and reference performance
    Provision for European legal basic principles (e.g. EN7250, EN1005, EN14121 etc.) as well as a uniform reference performance in assessing work processes for time.