MTM – Work design productive and safe

Mission statement

Our values

  • A focus on the individual
    People are the focus of our services.
  • Quality
    Our high demands on quality shape our daily business.
  • Cost awareness
    We take the responsibility for resources entrusted to us as seriously as we take our own.
  • Customer service orientation
    We orient ourselves to the needs of our customers. Collaboration based on partnership is important to us.
  • Motivation
    We demand of ourselves to provide the best consultation in our industry.
  • Dependability
    We honor our commitements as well as the trust our customers place in us.
  • Teamwork
    Our strength is the interdisciplinary teamwork in the MTM community.
  • Innovative capacity
    We work together with our partners in commerce and science to solve tomorrow's problems.

Our goals

  • productive and competitive businesses
  • avoid costs instead of reducing them
  • robust, transparent and flexible processes
  • healthy and productive work environments
  • motivated staff through transparent performance goals

Our daily business

  • The economic success of our customers is our priority.
  • We focus on our core competencies of comprehensive productivity management and ergonomic work design.
  • We establish internationally successful standards which can be benchmarked.
  • We offer complete solutions from a single source - for industry, service and management.
  • We provide excellent cost-benefit ratios in projects.
  • We provide consistent implementation of all design measures agreed upon with our customers.
  • We employ highly qualified, motivated and performance-oriented staff in all projects.