MTM – Work design productive and safe



Airbus has been using MTM software in its time management and process planning divisions since the 80s. The current TiCon solution is coupled with the Airbus SAP system and used internationally.


The MTM TiCon software is used at the BMW motorcycle plant in Berlin and at the plant in Dingolfing.

Bosch Siemens Home Appliances

TiCon and ProKon digital are integral components of the BSH process planning system B-Cope (= BSH – COoperative Production Engineering) and are used internationally.


TiCon is the time management tool at several Daimler locations nationally and internationally. Various interfaces to PPS systems are in use.


EURO-COMPOSITES uses TiCon Base, AP and Takt/MSA for time determination, process planning and work organization.


Fiat uses TiCon internationally for time calcuation, line-balancing and assessing economic risks in job performance. An interface to Siemens Team Center balances types and number of pieces between the two systems.


TiCon is used globally as a time management tool at Hella.

Knorr-Bremse, Aldersbach

Knorr-Bremse works with TiCon and MTMergonomics, thereby linking efficiency in process planning with workplace assessment regarding economic risks.

KSB, Pegnitz, Frankenthal

KSB uses TiCon for SAP at the Pegnitz and Frankenthal locations for MTM application.

Liebherr Home Appliances

TiCon is used at locations in Germany, Austria, Bulgaria and Malaysia for process planning and line-balancing. An interface enables the transfer of work plans and work operations between TiCon and the Liebherr internal ERP system.


TiCon is used at various Miele locations in time management for line-balancing and ergonomic assessment.

Porsche, Leipzig

MTM is the standard for time data determination at the Porsche plant in Leipzig. TiCon Base and TiCon Takt are the software solutions used here.


At Volkswagen TiCon is an integral component as a time management tool in the VW process planning system for developing and managing VW-internal MTM standard values. In addition, Volkswagen Sachsen uses TiCon for process planning and line-balancing assembly lines.

Westphal precision technology

The equipment manufacturer uses TiCon to calculate balance times in the bidding phase.

Zollner, Zandt

Zollner relies on TiCon for SAP for MTM-based costing and balancing.