Manage changes

Pull everyone together

Don't slow down; keep developing your business - that is the challenge for the present and the future. We help you meet this challenge:

  • We act as your guide through change management,
  • we make performance goals transparent and easy to communicate; change and implementation processes must motivate staff.

With MTM you design the change process to be sustainable, efficient and measurable.

You are free to make new decisions for your business because your employees see change as improvement.

Your contact 
Knuth Jasker
Managing Director
Fon: +49 40 822779-29

Daimler: Imroving is changing

"We've probably been involved in administration for five years, now. That's not just an improvement process; it's a change process. There was a lot of impetus for this, for example the obvious issue: How productive are we overall? How can we increase productivity and improve? Another impetus was that the direct areas had been asking, Why do we always have to cut back, why not in administration, too? And a third impetus certainly came from the huge restructuring in which our chairman created the new management model, leading to implementation and the related productivity objectives." 

Oskar Heer, Labor Policy Director, Daimler AG

Your contact 
Dr.-Ing. Markus Busenbach
Division Director Process Excellence
Fon: +49 711 4692276-0

BAHN-BKK: The ability to simulate is a great benefit

“The advantage of MTM as opposed to other methods when it comes to assessing times and processes is of course that I can simulate. We make great use of this feature. That is to say, particularly when we introduce new processes, we are able to roughly assess what needs to be done, because the time assessment is only possible if we assess the individual steps – and there’s nothing better than the MTM process for that.”

Reinhard Marx, Head of Organizational Department, BAHN-BKK

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