Measure success

Make Lean measurable

Using MTM will give your lean process new vitality. Improvements in direct and indirect areas can be planned and measured. The company-specific basic data derived from process building blocks standardized for content and time are:

  • redundance-free,
  • reproducible any time and
  • re-useable

thus making them indispensable for continuous data management and the code-based controlling of the entire value added process. 
We provide benchmarkable standards for your process controlling - allowing you to make sound decisions.

MTM makes your success in lean management measurable.

Your contact 
Knuth Jasker
Managing Director
Fon: +49 40 822779-29

Hella: If you can’t measure lean…

“Key operating figures form the basis for operations at our company. And there’s a saying in lean management: If you can’t measure lean, you can forget lean. That is to say, without numbers, data, facts, we cannot measure any improvements in the final analysis either.”

Guido Ander, Operational Excellence Manager, Hella KGaA Hueck & Co. KG, Recklinghausen

Your contact 
Dr.-Ing. Markus Busenbach
Division Director Process Excellence
Fon: +49 711 4692276-0

Euler Hermes: Updating data with MTM

“We have a relatively large amount of stored data and it gets out of date pretty quickly with all the changes that take place on a daily basis. We make use of it by updating it with MTM – and this is a very elegant method. I don’t want to pretend that we don’t use other time calculation methods too, but in the end, MTM has proved to be the most practical and reliable tool, when it really matters and when figures have to be exact.”

Gerhard Hinz, Human Resources and Time Management Department Manager, Euler Hermes Kreditversicherungs AG

Daimler: Making change measurable

"It’s fundamentally important to try to filter out correct processes, particularly recurring processes and then assess them, as we’ve been doing in the production department for many years. We need to assess them – and MTM provides the ideal basis for this – so that we can measure them afterwards too. Has anything changed? And if so, in which direction and by how much?”

Oskar Heer, Director of Labor Relations, Daimler AG, Stuttgart

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