Motivate associates

Pleasure in making improvements together

Motivated and effective employees who get to use their abilities and skills are indispensable to the success of a company. 

MTM promotes problem-solving and implementation skills in your staff and the entire organization for an efficient improvement process. Because MTM:

  • provides transparency and
  • integrates and involves everyone right from the start.

With MTM you achieve acceptance of your decisions and win over employees who advance your company's goals.

Your contact 
Dr.-Ing. Markus Busenbach
Division Director Process Excellence
Fon: +49 711 4692276-0

OTC Kassel: Transparency creates acceptance

“We managed to completely analyze our 208 jobs in two years, record them in terms of time and map them in the system in a transparent way too. Our employees also view it as a good tool because the department has been made transparent and we’ve shown where wastage is occurring and how this affects business – and how this influences their ability to achieve their goals as part of their team work too.”

Bert Muster, Head of Work and Process Organization, Original Parts Sales, Volkswagen AG (2011)

BAHN-BKK: "Fair, transparent process"

"We were looking for a method that manages to involve employees, but also the staff council and managers, in this subject. That is to say, we wanted transparent processes and finally came up with the MTM process. And we’ve managed to get everyone on board as a result of the evaluation of this procedure and the process. And despite all the reservations about this project at the outset, everybody agreed with the results at the end of the project. The staff council, managers and most of the employees were convinced that they have a fair, transparent process for assessing times.”

Reinhard Marx, Head of Organizational Department, BAHN-BKK

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