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Due to the change in demographics, employee health has become an important issue for the near future and a priority for management. Ergonomically well-designed work has a clearly positive effect on staff motivation and performance, making it essential to productivity developement.

With EAWS (Ergonomic Assessment Work Sheet), the international standard method for prognostic assessment of ergonomic risks, and software solutions from MTMergonomics® to EAWSdigital, we enable you to:

  • plan work according to respective loads and
  • avoid costs from the outset.

With MTM you plan a productive and healthy work environment - right from the start.

Your contact 
Knuth Jasker
Managing Director
Fon: +49 40 822779-29

PAS Deutschland: Win-win situation

“We’ll soon be facing a very different demographic situation, i.e. we must increasingly focus on older employees. In this sense, MTM is the ideal mixture for me because I can ensure that the work station improves for the employee so that he or she can work in a more pleasant environment, and also guarantee to the companies that the employee is being used to the full. I deliberately say used, not exploited. That is to say, both sides benefit from this and both gain something in the end.”

Michael Schneider, Deputy Head of IE, PAS Deutschland GmbH, Neuruppin

Your contact 
Dr.-Ing. Markus Busenbach
Division Director Process Excellence
Fon: +49 711 4692276-0

Vital-Kliniken: Minimizing stress situations

“We’re also carrying out process analyses in the nursing area. This has the crucial benefit that it is easier to plan human resources needs, minimize stress situations and, at the same time, guarantee excellent nursing care or even improve it.”

Dr. Stefan Beyer, Managing Director, Vital-Kliniken GmbH

Knorr-Bremse: Ergonomics and economics

“MTM makes a significant contribution towards reconciling an increase in productivity and ergonomics. Because the basis for any increase in productivity is firstly the technical preparation work, the industrial equipment, but also the work design for the employees. When there’s an increase in productivity, there’s greater physical pressure for the employee – and the MTMergonomics analysis allows us to classify the level of this pressure.”

Harald Ebner, Head of Disk Brakes Unit, Knorr-Bremse Systeme für Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH, Aldersbach

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