MTM – Work design productive and safe

Productivity management with MTM

Productivity management with MTM distinguishes itself significantly from other approaches. In times of increasing competition against a backdrop of demographic change, MTM ensures productivity and ergonomics equally. This is achieved by permanently harmonizing both demands through a combination of MTM standard performance and prospective ergonomics assessment across the entire process chain.

Productivity management with MTM means:

  • continuous productivity gauging and planning,
  • efficient and flexible resource allocation,
  • quick-reacting support management,
  • target-oriented regular communication,
  • effective improvement management and
  • understandable visualization for integrating staff.

Here it is necessary to consider in advance the operations and processes along the entire value added chain according to the principle "Right from the start". MTM has the unique feature of already delivering quantative statements regarding the performance (efficiency and ergonomics) of the processes in the product development and planning phase.

Productivity management with MTM provides:

  • productive and ergonomically well-designed work processes,
  • integrated data bases across the entire process chain,
  • participative approach and
  • integrated standard performance reference.

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