MTM – Work design productive and safe

The MTM process building block system

MTM stands for designing work or business processes by describing, structuring, planning and analyzing/synthesizing using process building blocks defined by content and time. 

In designing processes according to the principles of the comprehensive production system, MTM can execute the function of a common process language. It can be the basis for measurement, comparison and modification at all system levels.

Independent of the existing process type (unit production, batch production, mass productin), MTM offers various building blocks to accommodate the various complexities of the processes (complexity variation). 

Here the MTM process building block system offers various alternatives. The basis for this is the MTM basic system, MTM-1®. All higher aggregated MTM building block systems like MTM-2®, MTM-SD®, MTM-UAS® and MTM-MEK® are built upon this.

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