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International MTM Directorate (IMD)

Advancing the MTM process language as a global standard in productivity management and effectively securing the productivity of member companies within a powerful network - this is the mission of the Internation MTM Directorate (IMD) and of all the consolidated national MTM Associations in more than 20 countries on five continents. Knuth Jasker has been President of the IMD since 2017. 

Founded in 1957, the umbrella organization oversees the MTM copyrights of Methods-Time Measurement and coordinates all global MTM activities and collaborations. Currently 15 national associations and further chapters (developing associations such as Hungary, Portugal and Cina) are active in the IMD.

Knuth Jasker, President of the IMD: 

view my most urgent task as restructuring the IMD from both organizational and content points of view during the next few years in order to press ahead with the global spread of the MTM process language even more quickly. The major focus will be on continuing to harmonize and standardize the teaching documents or achieve global standards for training Instructors and establish new types of qualifications."

The goal of the intense cooperation of all the national MTM Associations is to enable each member company to guarantee uniform standards in productivity management and with it the uniform high quaility of products and services at all company locations around the world.

Globalization creates opportunites - MTM helps take advantage of them.

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