MTM – Work design productive and safe

International MTM Group

In more than 20 countries companies from almost all economic sectos use the MTM process language to analyze, design and optimize their business processes. This makes MTM the most successful time management and work design system in the world. It ensures the company consistently high standards along the entire value added chain at all production sites in production, logistics and administration. 

The International MTM Group, represented in:

  • Germany (for the western European market),
  • Poland (eastern Europe),
  • China (Asia),
  • India (Asia), under construction (joint venture)
  • Brazil (South America) and
  • US (North America).

enables companies to develop design potential both at the head office and in branches around the world in the same way. 

The International MTM Group offers:

  • audits to identify design potential,
  • training in using MTM and Lean Management tools,
  • project support in implementing MTM in the company, including staff training and
  • the right IT solutions (MTM TiCon® software) for quanitfying, evaluating and improving processes based on process building blocks standardized worldwide.

The International MTM Group offers services in Polish, German, English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Turkish.

The contact in Germany for training is the German MTM Association e.V., based in Hamburg, for the audits, the German MTM Organization Industrial and Financial Consulting mbH, based in Hamburg and Stuttgart for project work.

For contact information of Poland, China, Brazil, US and India please view the announcement on the right side of this page.