MTM – Work design productive and safe

The MTM Institute in Zeuthen

The MTM process language is established as the global standard for work design. The MTM Institute plays an importat role in improving the process language and developing new application fields.

Prof. Dr. Peter Kuhlang, Managing Director, MTM Institute:

“Productivity management at MTM – with its central themes of prevention and sustainability – offers industrial engineers a systematic framework for deliberately using methods in order to increase productivity. The onward development of productivity management with MTM and the even closer dovetailing of forward-looking planning, time assessment and ergonomic aspects in the complete production creation process are the focus of our user-oriented research and development work at this time and this will continue in future too. We believe that the requirements for performance standards derived from these activities with regard to human work and therefore the MTM process language are innovation drivers in industrial engineering and form the mandate for MTM member companies and network partners too.”

The activities in Research and Development, the close cooperation with partners in commerce, academics, organizations and institutions, the opportunities to share ideas from workshops to conferences, the professional expertise and, not least, its journalistic work make the MTM Institute a motor of innovation.

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