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Software House

Dresden is the headquarters for developing the MTM software products TiCon, TiCon for SAP, EAWSdigital and ProKondigital. 

Along with its development activities, the Software House ensures comprehensive customer support. The team, directed by Manfred Laier, also offers software training and workshops, regular user meetings and on-site customer calls.

Manfred Laier, Director Business Unit Software:

"The professional application of the MTM method without proper software support is unthinkable nowadays. At the MTM Software House over thirty years of experience, sound professional knowledge in industrial engineering and expertise in cutting-edge development technologies come together. This leads to modular solutions which meet all demands for a flexible and future-oriented time and process data management system."

MTM software solutions are used:

  • to calculate and manage data,
  • to calculate,
  • for process planning and organization,
  • for the assembly-compatible design of products and
  • for ergonomic work design.

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