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MTM – Work design productive and safe

Work design productive and safe

MTM is a recognized partner for innovative, integrated productivity management in industry, service and administration. MTM makes work productive and healthy. The methods and tools are scientifically sound and proven in practice.

  • We design processes around the worker. 
  • We believe in the inseparable link between work that is economically efficient and ergonomically well-designed.
  • We develop productivity potential in the indirect fields of the manufacturing industry as well as in the service sector.
  • We also offer customized solutions to small and medium-sized businesses.
  • We create a space for dialog among industry, service and science. 

MTM is the complete system for sustainable and healthy productivity. MTM is the international standard in productivity management.

Our mission

  • We provide excellent productivity, work beneficial to health and a high level of motivation in the company.
  • We use the MTM process language to design business processes and work systems efficiently and continuously improve them.
  • With our methods we deliver objective results, provide high transparency and achieve with this broad acceptance of identified solutions.
  • We guide our customers from analysis to implementation; our network of experts makes us a dependable partner and complete problem solver.

Our approach offers scheduling reliability and investment protection - our customers' success is our success.

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