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New European Industrial Engineer training course: find out about it using our webinar service!

The German MTM Association is launching a new, certified training course to enable candidates to become a European Industrial Engineer (EIE) in Stuttgart on 21 September 2015 on behalf of the European Federation of Productivity Services (EFPS).


The book on the new ELP management model – Lean meets business excellence

“Excellent Lean Production – The Way to Business Sustainability” is the title of the book written by Dr. Norman Roth and Carsten zur Steege, which has now appeared in English at the German MTM Association’s own publishing house. The two internationally renowned managers have combined the classic lean ideas with the principles of the EFQM business excellence model to form a new model called Excellent Lean Production (ELP). This course of action for implementing a sustainable production system means that lean production and traditional industrial engineering now move even closer together.

Please order the book from Mrs Inke Henschel,


IMD meeting in Birmingham: MTM Benelux chapter accepted into the global organization

What was formerly the Portuguese MTM chapter was unanimously elected on to the global organization as an independent national association with effect from 1 January 2015. This took place during the fall meeting of the MTM International Directorate (IMD) in Birmingham/Great Britain on 1 November 2014. MTM Benelux was also officially accepted into the global MTM family as a chapter backed by the German and French MTM Associations. The host for the IMD meeting was the British MTM Association, which celebrated the 50th anniversary of its foundation in 2014.


MTM-HWD® building block system taps into new level of work system design

Efficient planning work and ergonomic designs for work have usually been two entirely different issues in the past. The time management department deals with the former, while the ergonomics division handles the latter. This inevitably leads to redundancy in data stocks, the setting of different priorities despite having a common goal and lengthy discussions on the sense and financial viability of various measures. MTM-HWD® (Human Work Design) now offers the solution; it is a completely new kind of building block system, which combines methodical and ergonomic work design in just one step – providing benefits for employees, benefits in terms of productivity and benefits for the whole corporation.


IMD Spring Meeting 2014 in Istanbul

The IMD (International MTM Directorate) within the MTM global network adopted the organizational measures for the future at its spring meeting in Istanbul on 17 May. Representatives from 14 nations unanimously elected an extended management committee. Dr. Hans Fischer, the former President of the German MTM Association, was confirmed in his office as President of the IMD. Vice-President Chester Dobrowski (US/Canada) received a vote of confidence from the delegates too. Following a change to the rules, the management committee was expanded to include a second Vice-President. Guillaume Lachevre, who represents the French MTM Association, was elected to this position. The Executive Director manages the operating business of the IMD. Gabriele Caragnano from the Italian MTM Association was elected to this position for the fifth time in succession. He has played a major role in the work of the IMD during the past decade.


Istanbul: International MTM Directorate (IMD) elects new steering committee

The IMD will be meeting in Istanbul, Turkey on 17 May 2014. The most important issue on the agenda will be the re-election of the steering committee. The agenda will also include issues related to membership on the IMD and the formation of more chapters by national MTM associations. Delegates will discuss the qualification procedures for MTM and EAWS instructors, the standardization of MTM data cards and licenses and the English translations of the Industrial Engineering Manual too.

The IMD will combine its meeting in Istanbul with a local event: the Turkish MTM Association will be holding the 1st MTM conference in the country on 16 May 2014. MTM users from local companies and representatives from national MTM associations, including Prof. Dr. Peter Kuhlang and Dr. Hans Fischer form Germany, will use the opportunity to increase the level of awareness about MTM in Turkey.


MTM at the Corporate Health Convention

MTM will have a booth at the Corporate Health Convention, the 4th European exhibition for promoting health at the workplace and demography, in Stuttgart on 20 – 21 May 2014. Visit us at Stuttgart Exhibition Center, Hall 7, Booth C.14!

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