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Miele: 20 Years successfull with MTM

Miele & Cie. KG has been relying on MTM tools and software to plan, design and optimize processes and products for more than 20 years. As a member corporation of Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e. V., Miele has also repeatedly made its innovative capacity available for the business of continuing to develop the process language – most recently with the introduction of MTM-HWD®. The new MTM process building block system combines methodical and ergonomic work design in just one step – that is to say, only one analysis is required to provide three results – a description of the process, the time and an assessment of the ergonomics.


Time Management Makes It Possible to Measure Lean Operations in the First Place

Why is it essential for time management to work properly for lean management? MTM Executive Director Knuth Jasker posed this question at the beginning of his keynote lecture during the first meeting of the new “Time and Work Management” working group at AWF GmbH (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Wirtschaftliche Fertigung).


EAWS User Group: More members at the start

The declared aim of the EAWS User Group Germany is to continue developing the EAWS process (Ergonomic Assessment Worksheet) – the international assessment standard for physical workloads at the workplace – in the proper manner and in a practical way. Alongside the following member corporations that have been actively involved for years (Brose, imk automotive, Miele, Stihl and Volkswagen), these new members are now represented on the user group too: BSH, Schaeffler, Siemens and SMA Technologies.


MTM by E-Learning: Efficient, Innovative, Global

Shorter training times and therefore shorter periods of absence for employees, standard teaching materials, paperwork and qualifications around the globe, innovative teaching elements and consistently high quality – they are the most important requirements for member corporations and customers when it comes to MTM training for the future.


From Machine Learning to Blockchains – "digital change? digital chance!"

Living and working in the digital overtaking lane: Will communications need people at all in the future? Bodo Lorenzen says “Yes.” After all, computers cannot sign contracts! The business magician will describe how empathy as a human quality can be effectively used in a digitalized world to safeguard competitive advantages in the future during the final lecture on the program – which will feature other top-class speakers too – at the German MTM Conference in Stuttgart on 25 October 2018.


BMW and Schaeffler: MTM-Practitioner Customized

Communicating well-founded knowledge in a sustainable and cost-efficient manner – that is what corporations require in any contemporary employee qualification program. Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e. V. is going one step further in its MTM Practitioner training.


VW: MTM Present at the Group-Wide IE Conference on Distribution Logistics

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