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From 2019: Shorter Training Periods – Lower Prices

Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e. V. is playing a leading role in developing and establishing consistent MTM training standards that apply around the world. The requirements of member corporations and customers based on digitalization, globalization and the process of demographic change for MTM training in the future form the background to this. The new training structure forms part of the training and examination regulations that come into force on 1 January 2019.


“We Lack a Culture of Experimentation”

The Year of Science 2019, which has been announced by the German government, is fully focusing on Artificial Intelligence (AI). And that seems to be necessary too, as countries like the USA or China are much further ahead in terms of research into AI and the development of applications for industry. Carsten Kraus, the Managing Director of Omikron Data Quality GmbH, an AI expert and a speaker at the German MTM Conference in Stuttgart on 25 October 2018, has very clear ideas about what needs to function better so that Germany does not fall even further behind in matters related to AI.


BSH Hausgeräte Uses TiCon für Teamcenter for Integrated Process Planning

TiCon für Teamcenter is one of the most important current development topics at the MTM Software Center. The IT solution, which has been developed in close cooperation with Siemens, enables the MTM application to be directly employed in the Easy Plan user frontend of the Teamcenter PLM software produced by Siemens. TiCon für Teamcenter is the major focus of a pilot project for integrated digital process planning at the digital factory at BSH Hausgeräte GmbH. Ralf Digel, Global Information Technology, Digital Factory BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, reported on the corporation’s practical experience with the new MTM software solution as part of this year’s TiCon Users’ Meeting. “BSH,” he said, “has taken great strides in meeting its goal by integrating the TiCon time management software in the Siemens Teamcenter environment – namely to genuinely integrate all the data related to production in a PLM database. TiCon für Teamcenter is currently available for the MTM-UAS, MTM-SD and MTM-MEK process building block systems.


Successfully Communicating Knowledge with the MTM Instructor’s Case

Efficient and sustainable learning requires appealing forms of learning and learning tools that are geared towards the participants. The MTM Instructor’s case is the perfect learning tool for corporate in-house MTM and EAWS training courses.


MTM-HWD®, EAWS, Motion Capturing: MTM Presents Innovations

MTM-HWD®, EAWS (Ergonomic Assessment Worksheet), motion capturing with the digitally networked full-body suit – MTM is presenting the latest innovations in the form of lectures and specialist exhibitions during the 2018 Science Year. The networked full body suit for logging movement data (motion capturing) was an absolute highlight at the A+A 2017; it can be used to assess ergonomic workloads. The full-body suit can be experienced live at the GfA fall conference, which is taking place in Berlin on 27 and 28 September 2018. The event organized by the Gesellschaft für Arbeitswissenschaft (GfA or Society for Ergonomics) is also an integral part of the 2018 Science Year, which is entitled “The Working Environment of the Future.”


Saxony and Westphalia MTM/IE Regional Group Meetings

The role of time management for efficient workshop management will be the major focus at the 9th meeting of the Saxony MTM/IE Regional Group at the Halle workshops of DB Regio AG in the city on 26 September 2018. The keynote speech will be given by the MTM expert, Henry Röder, from DB Regio AG. Dr. Ricardo Schönherr, the Regional Group Leader and Head of Production Systems and E-Mobility Projects at VW Sachsen GmbH, will chair the meeting.


Having the Right Employee at the Right Workplace

How are corporations dealing with the process of demographic change – that is to say, workforces that are becoming much older and the acute shortage of specialists? How can they safeguard efficiency and employability in the long term, reduce the number of days lost through sickness and their resulting costs and still pursue their productivity goals? The workshop entitled “DemographyManagement,” which is being held at the premises of Dehn + Söhne GmbH + Co. KG in Neumarkt/Oberpfalz on 19 September 2018, will provide some answers and examples of best practice scenarios. The major focus will be on the latest trends for work design, which take ergonomic issues into account.

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