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2016 Summer School: MTM instructors from all over the world refresh their knowledge

The month of August was dominated by initial and further training for MTM instructors – at a national and international level. MTM instructors from countries like the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Netherlands, China and Brazil all attended the course to revitalize their teaching license (“Green Card”) provided by the German MTM Association and refresh the “International MTM Instructor” license issued by the International MTM Director (IMD). The primary goals of the intensive teamwork and specialist discussions during the summer school were the harmonization of MTM theory or the standard interpretation of the rules and school of thought.

The agenda at the five-day event included the current training and examination rules in the individual countries, the compulsory analysis work and refreshing their knowledge of the MTM-1, MTM-2, MTM-UAS, MTM-MEK building block systems, a building block system (C values) used internally and ProKon. Prof. Dr. Peter Kuhlang, Head of the MTM Institute and the MTM Academy, who led the five-day event together with Dr. Thomas Finsterbusch, Head of Development for MTM Building Block Systems at the MTM Institute, confirmed that the colleagues had a high professional level of expertise. The participants themselves proved this by successfully completing the course with an examination.

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