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2017 MTM Award: Talented Young People being sought for Industrial Engineering!

The Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e. V. will be presenting the MTM Award to young and talented engineers once again this year. Graduates and young professionals from the field of industrial engineering can apply for this personally or through their mentors at different types of universities or at corporations. The most important requirement is that their academic paper must make a fundamental contribution to the use and ongoing development of MTM and industrial engineering. 

The MTM Award will be presented at a festive ceremony during the German MTM Conference in Stuttgart on 26 October 2017. This provides the prize-winners with a unique opportunity to contact future specialist colleagues and potential employers. The applications for the 2017 MTM Award must be submitted to the MTM Institute in Zeuthen near Berlin by 31 August 2017.  

The MTM Award was first presented in 2002. You can find a list of all the prize-winners from the past and the subjects of their papers here. 

Contact: Andrea Hilliger, MTM Institute, email: andrea.hilliger [AT] dmtm [PUNKT] com">

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