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Air-conditioning technology specialist Bitzer gets involved by attending a MTM management workshop

Bitzer Kühlmaschinenbau GmbH, the market leader in cooling and air-conditioning technology, discovered the ideal starting point for the subject of MTM by attending the two-day MTM Management Workshop for managers and business partners; this is made available by the German MTM company. In addition to the MTM planning concept, the workshop focused on examples from workplaces; based on these, discussions focused on the specific benefits of introducing MTM within a corporation and measures to implement the system.

Bitzer Kühlmaschinenbau GmbH has global business operations with 3,400 employees working at 14 production sites. The company relies on permanently optimizing its working systems and processes and precise human resources planning at a very early stage in the product creation process in order to ensure competitiveness and increases in productivity. The MTM planning concept meets these requirements in an ideal manner. The latest planning and calculation data forms the basis for the optimization process at the company – particularly with regard to making the best possible use of human resources. The monetary benefits in the form of long-term productivity increases are an important driving force here.

Information and an understanding on the part of the employees and managers involved are crucial factors for the successful implementation of any MTM-based time management system and its acceptance. The Bitzer managers took this into account and gave those attending the MTM basics workshop the opportunity to obtain an extensive impression of work design using MTM. As the participants came from different nations (USA, Brazil, China and Germany), the MTM consulting company made the workshop available in English.

The focus was on the following topics and they were worked out using practical examples from companies:

  • The benefits of using MTM for corporations, employees and works councils
  • The benefits of MTM standard performance for assessing the time required for work processes
  • Identifying and realizing design potential using company examples
  • The conditions for successfully using MTM
  • The “correct” procedure for introducing MTM

The MTM Management Workshop is part of an internal training program for specialist staff and managers at Bitzer. Those who attended now have the opportunity to consolidate their knowledge of methods and link up with a proper MTM training course, for example, in order to prepare the way for using MTM at their production sites or support the introduction process.

Any companies, including those outside Germany, which are interested in the MTM Management Workshop as a source of information about how it functions and social partners (works councils, unions, human resources representatives etc.), should please contact

Ralf Jaehnke
Head of Department at the MTM Consulting Company
E-mail: Ralf.Jaehnke [AT] dmtm [PUNKT] com">

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