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An examination instead of writing a paper in the newly structure MTM Practitioner Seminar

The examinations board at the German MTM Association (DMTMV) has launched a change in the structure of the MTM Practitioner training course: There will be three opportunities in the future for completing the MTM Practitioner Seminar: as a public course, as an in-house course and – what is new – in the form of “Coaching on the Job.” Writing a paper, which was previously necessary to gain the “blue card,” is being replaced by an examination in all three options. That is to say, the participants will conclude the MTM Practitioner Seminar by presenting a design or improvement project and a written examination. Passing the examination is the condition for gaining the “blue card.”

This change will initially be introduced during trial operations in 2017. An examination instead of writing a paper will apply to the public MTM Practitioner Seminars on the following dates:

30 January – 3 February 2017
6 March – 10 March 2017
3 April – 7 April 2017
15 May – 19 May 2017
26 June – 30 June 2017
17 July –21 July 2017 (all held at the teaching site in Stuttgart)

All the participants, who have already registered for one of the dates mentioned above, will be personally informed about the new regulations.  

The need to write a paper will be replaced by a written examination in the case of in-house training courses too – probably from 2018 onwards. The examinations board will then make the final decision based on the experience gained in the trial operations in 2017.

The MTM Practitioner Seminar communicates knowledge and practical skills in the use of the MTM process building blocks for planning, designing and optimizing business processes and work systems. The qualifications required to attend this course are the MTM-1 certificate and a certificate from one of the following courses: MTM-SD, MTM-2, MTM-UAS, MTM-MEK or a recognized company-specific building block system (currently BMW-SD or C values at Daimler). An MTM-MEK certificate based on the “Introduction to MTM-1” course also enables people to participate in the MTM Practitioner Seminar and finally gain the “blue card.” The examinations, however, must have been passed during the last three years.

There are no changes to the training course to become an EAWS Practitioner to gain the “blue card” in 2017.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the MTM Academy team at: akademie [AT] dmtm [PUNKT] com">.

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