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What qualifications should I take with me when I finish my studies? What will be most useful in my professional career? These are usually the most common questions during the so-called JobTalk at Erfurt University of Applied Sciences, where students have an opportunity to talk to recent graduates or young professionals. And, according to Michael Herfert, a visiting lecturer at the proTUL Institute at Erfurt University of Applied Sciences, the answer is nearly always the same: SAP, Excel – and MTM. That comes as no surprise to him. "Many industrial corporations expect their employees to have a knowledge of MTM as a fundamental qualification in the field of industrial engineering or production planning." "Basic MTM", a unique training course offered by Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e. V. for students of engineering sciences, business management and industrial engineering, communicates practical specialist knowledge on the MTM method – as a direct part of their ongoing course or during lecture-free periods. The course is very popular at Erfurt University of Applied Sciences too.

Tomas Teren is one of 400 students on average every year who make use of the offer at universities and universities of applied sciences like those in Munich, Dresden, Dortmund, Braunschweig, Amberg-Weiden, Erfurt or Berlin. He had his first contact with MTM during his university course in production technology at Dresden University of Technology. “However, I could only handle MTM as a lay person then and therefore decided to consolidate my knowledge in the training course made available by Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e. V.,” Teren explains. He was recently one of 20 participants from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, who completed a basic course at Dresden University of Technology during this spring.

On the way to the "Blue Card"
The two-week course communicates a fundamental knowledge of the MTM-1 and MTM-UAS process building block systems. Those attending take a written examination at the end of each week. “During the course,” Teren says, “I learned that MTM is a tried and tested and powerful tool that creates an enormous competitive advantage, if it is used correctly.” He is particularly fascinated by what he calls “the universal applicability of MTM in any branch of business.” He adds, “That was also one of the main goals of the MTM developers – to use MTM everywhere where particular manual or mechanical procedures are repeated. I can recommend that anybody takes part in an MTM course if they want to gain further qualifications outside their university training,” the graduate emphasizes. Now that he has successfully passed the examination and has the official certificates for MTM-1 and MTM-UAS, Teren has the opportunity of gaining qualifications to become a specialist in MTM matters. If he successfully completes the MTM Practitioner training within three years of finishing his university course too, he will receive the coveted "Blue Card", the internationally recognized certificate of competence as an MTM Practitioner. 

Anybody who is interested in an MTM training course should find out about the dates at their university in good time. "Basic MTM" courses are being planned at many universities and universities of applied sciences during the coming semester vacations.

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