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Best Paper Award for a new tool for planning HRC work stations

As part of a specialist conference entitled “Networked planning and production” on 21 October 2016 at Chemnitz University of Technology, Daniel Schröter, Adam Opel AG, introduced a tool for planning HRC (human-robot cooperation) work stations, which has been developed jointly with the MTM Institute. This involves a specific process building block system at the company and it is based on MTM-1. Using this process building block system, it is possible to sensibly divide up and specify the assembly work needing to be handled by humans and robots during the early phase of the assembly planning work. The process building system for HRC systems can also be used to determine standard times.

The lecture, including a specific example for assembling a door, was not the only thing that those attending conference enjoyed. The specialist contribution submitted in advance by Daniel Schröter and Dr. Thomas Finsterbusch and Prof. Dr. Peter Kuhlang, both from the MTM Institute, and entitled “Planning work systems with human/robot cooperation on the basis of process building blocks” attracted the Best Paper Award

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