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BSH, Kiekert and Schaeffler Test the MTM-HWD® Process Building Block System

19 Oct. 2018
The partners in the Human Work Design (HWD®) development project – Audi, Daimler, Miele and VW – are currently in the process of validating the new MTM-HWD® process building block system and gaining experience in its use in corporate practice. Three new users – Kiekert, BSH and Schaeffler – attended the 50th working group meeting at Erfurt in September. The gathering focused on assessing the degree of maturity of the process building block system, new features for the analysis procedure and gaining new users.

The corporations and academic partners using the system all agree that MTM-HWD® supports industrial engineering and enables it to arrive in the age of digitalization. After all, MTM-HWD® supplies and structures the elementary raw material of the digital age: data. While classic MTM process building block systems are primarily used by work planners, MTM-HWD® is designed for use by several operating departments: ranging from time management to ergonomics/corporate health management/the company physician, product development and design and even the human resources department and improvement management.

The most important new features that were discussed in Erfurt include the introduction of more pictograms for objects and actions. Modelling templates for faster and more accurate analysis work were also presented. A further innovation involves the assessment of work content caused by design – eHPU (engineered hours per unit) – which is also possible on the basis of an HWD® analysis. As partners like Miele are already introducing the new process building block system outside Germany, e.g. at the corporation’s factory in Uničov (CZ), teaching materials for training people in MTM-HWD® are already available in German and Czech.

Here are the benefits of using MTM-HWD® again at a glance:

  • One application, but three results: work process, time, ergonomics
  • Any changes in the output data are immediately visible in all the results
  • The major focus of the application is on design
  • Fewer analysis errors because of the integrated rules in the software
  • Easier to understand because pictograms are used
  • Simpler to transfer to foreign business locations (training, discussions, etc.)
  • MTM-HWD® can be integrated as a TiCon application in the IT landscape

Any corporations that are interested in using MTM-HWD® should please contact Dr. Thomas Finsterbusch, Head of the MTM Academy; his e-mail address is:

The next MTM-HWD® training session will be held in Stuttgart on 11 – 15 March 2019. You can find more information and registration details online at or here.

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