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“Buying In Excellence to Design Productive and Healthy Work”

Unternehmerschaft Rhein-Wupper e. V. (Rhein-Wupper Business Community) and the Arbeitgeberverband der Metall- und Elektroindustrie Rhein-Wupper e. V. (Employers’ Association for the Rhein-Wupper Metal and Electrical Industry) will be working closely together with Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e. V. in the future. The new members represent the interests of corporations from all the sectors that require advice on social, labor law and political matters. MTMaktuell spoke to Executive Director, Andreas Tressin, about the goals and substance of the partnership.

How important is the issue of productivity for the corporations whose interests you represent?

It’s a commonplace truth that we need a high level of productivity alongside product innovations in a high-wage country like ours so that we can permanently survive in an international competitive environment. It therefore comes as no surprise, in a setting where consultations and increasingly negotiations take place regarding company wage agreements, that structured productivity management is a very important element – not only to effectively prevent crises, but it’s something that repeatedly has to be deliberately shaped, particularly to increase productivity.

What generally induced you to enter a partnership with MTM?
Digitalization will provide an enormous boost to productivity once again and will therefore be the driving force for new opportunities in production methods and the complete organization of work. This, by the way, not only applies to a new division of functions between humans and machines. “Big data,” or rather “data science” will be omnipresent when turning data into valuable information, rather like a finishing process. As a service provider, we naturally want to be able to support our member corporations with proactive advice – and not just with our own resources, but also by “buying in” skills from third parties. Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e. V. and its portfolio of services that are geared towards digital transformation almost forced itself on us.

Where do you see the specific benefits of cooperating with MTM?
Primarily, in the fact that we’re buying in skills to design productive and healthy work. MTM’s portfolio of services particularly lends itself to this field, because the association has been making available the required and globally accepted standards for designing human work for decades and it therefore has a huge amount of experience; and this is also being continually developed with a view to the current challenges of digitalization that have already been mentioned. One element in selecting MTM as our cooperation partner was very important: The industrial association can make available specialists in project management for our member corporations and they can also support small and medium-sized enterprises, i.e. SMEs. The latter often don’t have any adequate resource management that is available in-house.

In which fields or in which subject areas will the two associations cooperate?
Primarily in project management to introduce MTM-based productivity management for SMEs; then in the field of instruction or training in the use of MTM; and, not least, in selecting, implementing and offering training with regard to suitable software solutions. We already have a few initial ideas regarding possible activities for joint projects.

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