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Change Manager Advises: Invest in Yourself!

“Corporations will only change if the people within them change. That’s why the way that people handle change is the most important component for the future,” says Ilja Grzeskowitz. The final speaker at the German MTM Conference in Stuttgart on 25 October 2018 knows what he is talking about. The former top manager managed ten business locations for Karstadt, Hertie, Wertheim and IKEA in all and now advises corporations about recognizing and using the opportunities presented by change in uncertain times too. Digital change? Digital chance! is the motto of the 2018 German MTM Conference – and it is Ilja Grzeskowitz’s guiding principle.

Mr. Grzeskowitz, why should people be absolutely sure that they don’t miss your lecture?
Because they’ll learn why change sometimes works out and sometimes doesn’t. Because they’ll discover the ingredients to ensure that change works. Because they’ll find out how self-motivation operates – and they won’t be looking at their mobile phone for an hour.

What can managers in particular pick up from your lecture?
Managers are confronted by very different challenges nowadays than they were four or five years ago. It’s really true that times have changed extremely rapidly – and this process hasn’t finished yet. The issue of mind shift is a key issue for survival. Managers need to actively shape change and they must see how they can motivate employees to pursue the same course. I’ll be able to give them a few tips on this.

How do you view the current situation in society? What are people talking about everywhere?
There’s no other topic that triggers more discussion than the process of digital change! In this respect, the German MTM Conference with its motto of Digital change? Digital chance! is bang on target. However, you often have the feeling in Germany that many corporations are simply viewing the process of digital change from a spectator’s perspective. There are whole sectors that are continuing as if the process of change doesn’t affect them. But that’s an error of judgment: digital change is affecting everybody!

Many people feel completely overwhelmed by the issue of digitalization…
Despite all the talk about change, we must not forget the individuals involved. They’re wondering justifiably what’s going to happen to their jobs? Will they still be needed at all in the near future? Each individual member of society needs to want to be part of this process of change.

And what can each person do?
I can only advise them to invest as much as possible in themselves, read books and gain further training. Do everything to remain flexible in their thinking and actions in order to brace themselves for the upcoming changes. After all, there’s no sense of certainty any more. Nobody can precisely say what the future holds. People therefore primarily need one quality: a sense of basic confidence in themselves!

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