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Coaching on the Job – the new format for MTM practitioner training courses uses participants and corporations

In addition to the public and in-house MTM Practitioner Seminar, the MTM Academy is offering the “MTM Practitioner Seminar – Coaching on the Job” as a trial format in 2017. The training takes place in-house with individual coaching or in a small group with no more than three participants and makes use of a genuine company design or improvement project. As with the other two options, the design and improvement project is presented at the end of the “Coaching on the Job” session and there is a written examination.

The new training format creates a win-win situation for participants and corporations: The employee obtains an extensive knowledge of methods and – as a spin-off, as it were – the “blue card.” The corporation benefits from having a qualified employee and from the fact that specific design and improvement potential has been highlighted during the coaching sessions. Experienced coaches or instructors from the German MTM Association provide support both in communicating knowledge about the design of the work method and also directly in the design project or in using MTM itself. The tasks needing to be processed within the corporation must be agreed in advance with the expert from the German MTM Association. At the close of the project, the participant processes the results in the form of a presentation. The coach or instructor is responsible for assessing the presentation. The final step is the written examination. If the MTM Practitioner Seminar examination is passed, the Practitioner diploma and the “blue card” are issued.

The conditions for taking part in the MTM Practitioner Seminar in this new form not only involve completing the course in the relevant MTM building block system, but also having practical experience of using the system for at least six months.

The new format will be intensively tested during the next few months. One of the first partners for the MTM Practitioner training course in the form of “Coaching on the Job” is the MTM member corporation Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co. KG.

Any companies interested in this new type of in-house seminar should please contact the MTM Academy at the following email address: inhouse [AT] dmtm [PUNKT] com">.

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