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DB Schenker Uses Catalog of Standard Times Based on MTM

8 May 2018
Planning with MTM: Faster, More Precise and More Reliable

DB Schenker, the world’s leading provider of logistics services with more than 750 sites in 50 different countries, is, among other things, a sought-after partner for corporations from every sector in the field of third-party logistics. In the past, MTM logistics building blocks and time studies formed the basis for optimizing the existing processes and calculating business with new customers. The central Logistics Product and Process Management department launched a project to prepare a DB Schenker catalog of standard times and to standardize the process times in 2015. This was supported by initial workshops involving Deutsche MTM-Gesellschaft mbH. The internal validation process is currently taking place.

How do you structure data obtained using MTM? How do you expand MTM logistics building blocks to include specific corporate features? How do you code data properly? They are just three of the questions that were clarified during two initial workshops on the subject of calculating resources with MTM. The corporation reported that it had only analyzed the existing processes using MTM-UAS and MTM logistics building blocks before the start of the project. But its aim was also to assess them during the planning stage – i. e. proceed in a forward-looking manner. This primarily required one thing: a valid data pool – which MTM provides.

MTM’s TiCon software in use
The major focus was on the processes in the warehouse – from incoming goods to outgoing goods. This includes loading and unloading procedures as well as picking. The result was process-neutral time building blocks, which were assigned to a particular data level (A, B and C) according to the degree of aggregation. The corporation’s specific A and B process building blocks will be used for process optimization purposes in the future and the C process building blocks for planning work and calculations. By the way, the catalog of standard times was established using MTM’s TiCon software.

Planning faster, more precisely and more reliably with MTM
Following the successful conclusion of the validation phase, the rollout of the standardized process times is now being planned. Based on experience gained in using them so far, the members of the Logistics Product and Process Management department are confident that everything will go well. They believe that their work will be faster and more precise thanks to the catalog of standard times – both in their analyses and in planning. They hope that this will lead to greater planning and investment reliability.

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