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Determining human resources needs for delivering newspapers

MTM works anywhere – in manufacturing industry and also with organizational, management and service tasks. The MTM methods portfolio has demonstrated in many projects right across the sectors that a focus on analyzing, structuring, modelling and simulating procedures and business processes provides effective support for work and human resources planners in their daily business – but also when they are making strategic decisions. What counts is the objective situation and not the subjective impression – and a joint basic understanding on the part of all those involved about why and in what conditions a working result can be achieved and what variable causes and interfaces exist.

This unique selling point of MTM was the crucial factor for a large German newspaper publishing house to focus on a particularly important issue for the company together with Deutsche MTM-Gesellschaft mbH: this involved an analysis to determine the human resources needs for delivering newspapers. The background to this was the introduction of the minimum wage and the associated adjustment of the payment system. The aim was to develop a calculation scheme to estimate the necessary effort required in the different regional divisions. The project logged the actual delivery time, the preparation time and the travel time and observed the effects on the newspaper deliverers’ work.

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