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Digitalization: Pipe Dreams No Substitute for a Sustainable Strategy

“” – The 2017 German MTM Conference

Are you familiar with the ten golden rules so that digitalization in production becomes a success story for all those involved? Dr. Hubert Weid, mobinvention GmbH, who develops mobile apps and app systems for industrial corporations together with his team, has discovered that pipe dreams and ambitious plans are no substitute for a sustainable strategy. The necessary structures need to be created, the processes whipped into shape and the employees provided with qualifications – and as quickly as possible. “ – Organizing Digital Transformation for People” is the title of the German MTM Conference in Stuttgart on 26 October 2017, where the IT expert will pass on his experiences.

There continues to be a lively debate about the role played by people in Industry 4.0 – as ever, it all depends on your point of view. Dr. Detlef Gerst, Head of the “Future of Work” Department at the IG Metall union, will focus on the effects of digitalization, like the work situation, worker participation, qualification requirements and employment structures in production and offices. Kai Schweppe, Head of the Labor Policy Department at the Südwestmetall Employers’ Association, will deal with the area of conflict between business management optimization and meeting the needs of those who are employed. The German MTM Conference will give you an opportunity to follow this discussion live, ask questions related to different standpoints – and join in the discussions.

What will be the key themes in 2030? According to a Foresight Study by VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH, learning and working in a smart world will be some of the most important trends in society – and some of the greatest challenges too. Dr. Norbert Malanowski, Senior Consultant for Innovation Policy, VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH, will present astute qualification concepts for smart production, look ahead to the issues of work organization, working conditions and qualification requirements at various human resources levels – and point out areas where works councils and unions can take action within Industry 4.0.

You will also enjoy the following speakers at the 2017 German MTM Conference:

Prof. Dr. Sabine Pfeiffer,
Head of the Department of Sociology at the University of Hohenheim: Industry 4.0 – Are People the Victims or Creators of Digital Transformation?

Prof. Dr. Jochen Deuse
, Head of the Institute for Production Systems at the Technical University of Dortmund: Digitalization in Production – Industrial Engineering Becomes Industrial Data Science

Dr. Dieter Lange,
Trainer and Coach:
Winners Are Obvious at the Start – Losers Too

You can read more about these speakers here.

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