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E-Learning: Demand Increases in Germany and Abroad

26 Feb. 2019
Digital Training Format Successfully Launched

Participants have been able to take the first step to becoming an MTM Practitioner – the MTM-1 Base training course – in digital form too since the beginning of this year. The increasing demand for the new e-learning course from the MTM Academy shows that more and more corporations have recognized the benefits of online training facilities. The number of bookings per corporation has increased too. Firms are often registering more than ten participants for an MTM-1 Base e-learning course at the same time. After all, this pays dividends in many different ways – as the new video entitled “
MTM by E-Learning” illustrates.

The primary goal is to reduce the amount of time that people have to physically attend courses for MTM training and therefore be absent from their workplace. However, there is another benefit: E-learning works from anywhere in the world – and that saves travel expenses. An employee from a software production company in Magdeburg, for example, completed his MTM-1 Base training from his place of work in China – simply by using e-learning. It is possible to plan learning times individually and therefore adapt them to the needs of employees and corporations in a flexible manner. Not least, Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e. V. allows companies to take part in the increase in efficiency associated with e-learning by providing a new price structure with cheaper courses.

Standardized training in the MTM process building block systems is essential, particularly for corporations with global business operations. The multi-language production of the learning modules and the many languages available at the online shop simplify the process of internationalization. In conjunction with its training and examinations regulations, which have been established as a global standard, Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e. V.  guarantees that the MTM-1 process building block system is communicated in a unified manner. The team centered on Prof. Dr. Peter Kuhlang is currently working on the English, Portuguese and Spanish versions of the online shop and the MTM-1 learning module (general training).

You can obtain more information on the new online shop with the complete range of training courses that people need to attend, public programs and internal corporate modules as well as the changes to booking procedures here.

Have you already gained some experience in registering via our new online shop? Please send your feedback to Christel Dornbach; her e-mail address is:

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Any corporations that are interested in MTM training at business locations outside Germany or wish to use the e-learning facilities that are available globally should please contact Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e. V., Prof. Dr. Peter Kuhlang; his e-mail address is: