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MTM Plays a Role in the New AWF Working Group

The new AWF working group Time and Work Management offers an ideal platform for corporations that are interested in new ideas on designing, further developing and continually optimizing their time and work management operations. The inaugural meeting is being held in Frankfurt/Main on 25 April 2018. Those attending from the worlds of business, consultancy and research will then meet at regular intervals to share experiences in a practical manner and develop specific solutions for Time Management 4.0. 

Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e. V. or Deutsche MTM-Gesellschaft mbH as complete providers of solutions for ideal productivity within corporations and AWF GmbH (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Wirtschaftliche Fertigung or the Cost-Effective Production Working Group) have entered a cooperation arrangement on the subject of time and work management for a good reason. As the process of digitalization continues, proven, reliable time data is essential, particularly in corporations in the manufacturing sector – and MTM supplies precisely this data.

The offer of being involved in the time and work management working group is directed at factory and works managers as well as specialists and managers in the fields of time and work management, industrial engineering, process management, organization, Industry 4.0, supply chain management, logistics, warehouses, materials handling, production, assembly operations, factory and material flow planning, materials management, stock management, scheduling, production planning and managing or work preparation. Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e. V. will be represented by Executive Director Knuth Jasker or rather Ralf Jaehnke, Manager, Deutsche MTM-Gesellschaft mbH, and they will support the group of participants with expert advice. 

Any corporations interested in becoming involved can already register for the inaugural meeting of the “Time and Work Management” working group now. You will find the form and other information here.

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