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Examination instead of an assignment: Test phase extended until the end of the year

Have you completed the MTM-UAS course, but not the MTM Practitioner seminar? Have you gained training in two MTM process building block systems, but still do not have the “blue card” as evidence of your ability to use the MTM method practically and in line with the relevant regulations? The MTM Academy is offering several opportunities of making up for this for the very first time.

The MTM Practitioner seminar can now be completed as a public course, an in-house course and – what is new – in the form of “coaching on the job.” The “coaching on the job” option involves training at a corporation with in-depth individual support or in a small group with no more than three participants as part of a company’s specific design or improvement project. This means that the qualification process does not take place in seminar rooms, but directly on the shop floor at your enterprise! 

Coaching on the job creates a win-win situation
The new training format creates a win-win situation for employees and corporations. The employee acquires a comprehensive knowledge of the methods and – as it were a side-effect – the “blue card.” The use of the MTM building block systems in practice at the corporation also creates a higher level of confidence in their use. In turn, the corporation benefits from having a highly qualified employee, improved – and faster – integration of the method in company-specific sequences and also the identification of specific design or improvement potential that emerges from this. The results of the design project, which the participant summarizes and presents in documentation, are then available to the corporation after the seminar.

The majority of participants have opted for the examination
The MTM Practitioner seminar in the “coaching on the job” format concludes with a written examination, like the public and in-house training courses. This has replaced the MTM Practitioner assignment since the beginning of this year on a trial basis. A trial basis means that the participants can still choose between an examination and an assignment at the moment. “Both the initial results of the test operations and the acceptance level with the participants are very promising,” says Dr. Thomas Finsterbusch, Director of the MTM Academy. “The fact that the majority of the aspiring MTM Practitioners have opted for the examination shows that the changeover is a move in the right direction.”

Because of the positive feedback from the participants and the many requests to include internal company training courses in the test operations too, the test phase is being extended until the end of this year. “By taking this step, we’d first like to gain more experience and, secondly, achieve acceptance with the companies’ internal instructors. That’s something very close to our hearts,” Finsterbusch emphasizes.  

You can find more information about the MTM Practitioner training course and the “blue card” on our website. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the MTM Academy at:akademie [AT] dmtm [PUNKT] com"> .

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