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MTM in Industry 4.0: Focus on New Technologies for Logging Movement Data

The digitalization of production not only involves the automation of production processes by networking technology, information and people. A smart factory already starts with planning products and work systems. It is therefore a logical step to consider automating the planning methods too. Nobody can precisely say how far this development will have progressed during the next five to ten years. The Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e. V. (German MTM Association) is assuming that MTM analyses will no longer be prepared by hand and corporations will want to integrate this process in their smart factories too. The industrial association has therefore seized the initiative and is not only developing new IT solutions to efficiently process MTM data in networked production, but also models for automatically logging movement data for MTM analyses in the TiCon software.

The crucial question is: Where does the data come from? One possibility of mapping human movements involves motion capturing procedures. A networked full-length suit with a digital interface supplies precise movement data and also data on the ergonomic stress level at the workplace. This data can be used in the MTM TiCon software to generate EAWS and MTM-UAS analyses. A different model relies on virtual reality, the presentation of reality in an interactive, virtual environment that is computer-generated in real time. Work or process planners can work intuitively – as if the person was working on the real machine or the real production line. Method simulation takes place using VR glasses and is documented as a data stream. The data obtained in this way can be used for MTM analyses in TiCon. The foundations are currently being created for both models at the MTM Software Center. The MTM-UAS process building block system forms the basis for this; it is the most widely used process building block system for describing, structuring, organizing and planning work systems around the globe.

The cooperation arrangement with imk ema GmbH is the best developed. Close contacts have existed between MTM and the developers at ema, the “editor of human work”, a digital human model for the 3D simulation of working sequences, for many years. Ema supplies the movement data for mapping an MTM-UAS analysis in TiCon in line with the rules. The MTM Software Center has developed the TiCon4 4D module for this purpose; it is the software solution for planning, simulating and assessing assembly processes on the basis of graphical modelling.

You can experience live how an MTM analysis is generated using ema or TiCon4 4D at the technical exhibition at this year’s German MTM Conference in Stuttgart. You can also obtain an idea of the motion capturing procedure (AXS Motionsystem Kft.) and the VR technology (Rüdenauer 3D Technology) on the MTM Software Center’s stand.

You will find more information on the lecture program at the German MTM Conference, the associated technical exhibition and registration here.

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