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From 2019: Shorter Training Periods – Lower Prices

New Training Structure Takes Effect on 1 January 2019

Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e. V. is playing a leading role in developing and establishing consistent MTM training standards that apply around the world. The requirements of member corporations and customers based on digitalization, globalization and the process of demographic change for MTM training in the future form the background to this. The new system includes:

  • shorter training times and therefore shorter periods of absence for employees from their workplace,
  • standard teaching materials, documents and qualifications around the globe and therefore comparability of the MTM certificates and qualifications,
  • modern teaching elements and
  • consistently high quality for the training courses.

The new training structure forms part of the training and examination regulations that come into force on 1 January 2019. They are based on a blended learning concept – i.e. a combination of e-learning and training courses that individuals have to attend.

MTM-1 Base as the global standard entry requirement
The major change involves the introduction of the MTM-1 Base training course. It contains the theoretical principles of MTM-1 and simple exercises. MTM-1 Base communicates the knowledge that is required to grasp an MTM process building block system (MTM-1, MTM-UAS, MTM-MEK, MTM-2, MTM-SD, MTM-HWD®). This means that MTM-1 Base will be the global entry requirement for training in an MTM process building block system in the future.

The new training structure

MTM-1 Base can be completed as a course that individuals attend (5 days) or – what is new – as an e-learning course. It also takes about 5 days for people to work through the individual learning modules on the e-learning course, but this can be completed in a flexible manner over a period of (an estimated) two months.

MTM-1 Base finishes with an intermediate examination; the participant then receives a certificate. The examination takes place on the last day of a course that is attended. The examination is taken immediately after each chapter on the e-learning course.

The content of the MTM-1 Base course
What is new is that MTM-1 Base is also the entry requirement for the MTM-1 training course. The content of the MTM-1 course in the past (which lasted 10 days) has been divided into the MTM-1 Base (5 days’ attendance at a course or individual e-learning) and MTM-1 (5 days). The MTM-1 Base course communicates all the fundamental movements and the associated rules and simple exercises are completed. The practical consolidation of the MTM-1 knowledge, analyzing sample exercises and the examination then take place during the MTM-1 training course. As a result, it is only possible to pass MTM-1 after completing both MTM-1 Base and MTM-1. The same procedure is used to pass MTM-UAS (and all the other higher aggregated MTM process building block systems). It will be necessary to complete MTM-1 Base and MTM-UAS in future.

Blended learning concept reduces training time
One of the most important requirements for member corporations and customers involves shorter times for people to attend training courses and therefore shorter periods of absence for employees away from their workplace. The wish was also expressed to gear training to the needs and opportunities of modern learning practices, regardless of the time and place involved. It has been possible to achieve both with the introduction of MTM-1 Base and blended learning (see table).

Comparison of the time needed for training, using the example of MTM-UAS and MTM-Practitioner:

MTM-UAS: In the past, a person had to attend a 15-day course to complete MTM-UAS; now only 5 days (MTM-1 Base as an e-learning course plus MTM-UAS) or 10 days (MTM-1 Base as an attended course plus MTM-UAS) are necessary.  

It was necessary for people to attend a course for 20 days in the past to complete the MTM-Practitioner training. Now the figure has been reduced to no more than 15 days’ attendance or 10 days’ attendance plus MTM-1 Base as an e-learning course.

Other new features in the training to become an MTM-Practitioner
It will be possible to complete the MTM Practitioner training in an individual MTM process building block system in the future – i.e. precisely in the process building block system that is the right one for the employee or is required from an operational point of view. As a result, it is possible to become an “MTM-UAS Practitioner” or an “MTM-1-Practitioner”. This change is standard at an international level too. The new rule also smooths the way to gaining the “Blue Card”. It was necessary to complete MTM-1 and a second MTM process building block system fully in the past, but gaining qualifications in one MTM process building block system is now sufficient to gain the “Blue Card”.

There is another change too: The process architecture module will be omitted from the MTM or EAWS Instructor training course in the future.

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