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From MTM-1 to teaching licenses – MTM training courses completely available in two languages in the future

About 4,000 participants completed one of the public or inhouse seminars, training courses or workshops made available by the MTM Academy last year or completed a certified MTM training course offered at different kinds of universities. This number is impressive when compared internationally too: According to the International MTM Directorate (IMD), the umbrella organization for all the national MTM associations, more than one half of the certificates are issued by the German MTM Association. The background to this is the increasingly strong demand by German corporations for MTM standards for their international business sites too. MTMaktuell spoke to the Head of the MTM Academy, Dr. Thomas Finsterbusch, about the new requirements for MTM training courses.

Are MTM training courses still up-to-date in the age of Industry 4.0 and digital transformation?
Definitely. The ongoing demand from the world of business shows that MTM standards are not only indispensable in Industry 4.0, but also that our procedures and products, which now go beyond the main areas of work planning and design, have potential for the future. However, we also know that the working world in the age of Industry 4.0 requires new forms of teaching and learning. We’ll tackle these tasks jointly with the member corporations within the Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e. V. (German MTM Association).

You took over the leadership of the MTM Academy at the beginning of the year. What are your goals?
They mainly involve quality assurance and standardizing and harmonizing the training courses during 2017. We also need to create structures, which guarantee our competitiveness at home and abroad in the long term. As a training provider in the field of industrial engineering, we’ll strengthen our expertise in the field of planning, designing and optimizing products and processes, particularly for human work. Using new products like MTM-HWD® and MTM-eHPV-Expert, we’d like to expand our circle of users and appeal to new specialist areas or disciplines.

Can you mention some highlights in 2017?
We’ve continued to develop the MTM Practitioner training course, for example. There have been three opportunities for completing the Practitioner seminar starting this year: the public course, an inhouse course and “coaching on the job.” We’re just testing the latter format. What’s new is that the participants complete the course with a written test and not an assignment completed at home in all three options. Based on a decision by the member corporations on the examinations commission, test operations will take place initially. There’s also a need in the field of ergonomics. The joint study of ergonomics and methods – as in the new building block system known as MTM-HWD® – has created a situation where we place greater importance on the aspect of all-round work design during the Instructor’s training course. The new training and examination rules also contain a training concept for the corporate building block systems of the member corporations Daimler and BMW and the inclusion of these qualifications in the Practitioner and Instructor training courses.

The member corporations in the Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e. V. are largely firms with global business operations – how is this fact reflected in the development of the training courses on offer?  
We’ve adapted to the rapid internationalization of the training market. The certificates for the MTM building block systems up to MTM Practitioner – and therefore the best-known qualification in the form of the “blue card” – can be obtained in English. The next stage – and we want to tackle it this year – involves offering end-to-end training in two languages, ranging from MTM-1 to teaching licenses. We’re relying on cooperation with our international partners here and the support from instructors at our member corporations.

Why is the MTM Academy exactly the right partner for enterprises, which want international training?
Corporations can be certain that the international training courses will be held in line with the quality standards of the Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e. V. The training course numbers, when compared internationally, also show that there’s a demand all over the world for training as it is made available in Germany.

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