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Future Industrial Engineers Will Analyze in 3D

18 December 2018
International IE Conference at Bosch

More than 180 industrial engineers from Bosch business locations all round the world attended the 32nd International Industrial Engineering Conference in Sonthofen (Allgäu) at the end of November. The title of the event was “Work Systems in a Digital World – Focusing on People” and experts from different corporate departments at Bosch drew attention to new problem-solving approaches and best practice examples. Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e. V. attended the conference with a stand at the specialist exhibition and gave a lecture during the proceedings. Udo Baginski, Bosch and Dr. Thomas Finsterbusch from the MTM Academy also jointly arranged a workshop on the subject of “Human Work Design.”

The main topics covered by the lecture program were people in Industry 4.0, production undergoing change, integrated digital production planning, the ergonomic strategy at Bosch, standardized work and the role of industrial engineering in the semi-conductor industry. Dr. Markus Busenbach from Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e. V. focused his remarks on the future of industrial engineering. His lecture was entitled “Future of Industrial Engineering: Challenges, Trends and Potential.”

MTM connects the real and digital worlds

The standardized planning of methods is and remains the key for excellent productivity. Future industrial engineers, according to Dr. Busenbach, will connect the digital and the real worlds via MTM and conduct their planning work on the basis of 3D simulation. That is to say, simulation analysis will become increasingly important, in addition to analyzing the current and target situations. Digitally logged movement data and the new MTM-HWD®process building block system, which provides three results at the same time – a process description, time and ergonomics – will form the basis for this. These developments are necessary to make it possible to digitalize human work.

The MTM experts agreed with the participants and experts at the IE conference that industrial engineering will continue to be indispensable at corporations in the future too – and there are many reasons for that:

  • To be able to prevent ergonomic risks in order to meet the challenges of the process of demographic change
  • To prevent and reduce costs for world-class productivity
  • To provide transparency when obtaining data in order to make the right decisions quickly
  • To synchronize people and machines to prevent any downtime
  • To simulate and scale operations for greater competitiveness
  • To use the process expertise to digitalize production in a sensible manner

During the specialist exhibition, the Head of the Academy, Dr. Thomas Finsterbusch, responded to questions related to the new training structure introduced by Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e. V. (MTM-1 Base and e-learning), how they are being integrated in operational terms and the MTM-HWD®process building block system. BOSCH as a founding member, a member of the examinations board and a global user of MTM-1, is relying on the training standards provided by Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung.

Photo at top (from left):

Dr. Michael Gebhard, Vice President Development and Coordination of the Bosch Production System, Dr. Thomas Finsterbusch, Head of the MTM Academy, Dr. Martin Benter, Research Assistant at the MTM Institute, and Udo Baginski, Senior Expert Industrial Engineering, Bosch.

Photo below:
Dr. Markus Busenbach, Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e. V., during his conference lecture on the future of industrial engineering


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