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Gaining the "Blue Card" EAWS Even Faster and with More Practice

The Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e. V. (German MTM Association) has restructured the qualifications to become an EAWS Practitioner. The EAWS (Ergonomic Assessment Worksheet) is a method for efficiently assessing the ergonomic risk of any working activities and is based on a standardized set of rules. The qualification process will generally start with the EAWS training (5 days) from 2018 onwards. Candidates have to successfully complete this in order to participate in the qualification process to become an EAWS Practitioner (5 days). The "Blue Card" EAWS, the internationally recognized professional qualification for EAWS Practitioners, which is valid for three years, can be extended by successfully attending the EAWS Practitioner refresher course. The background to the restructuring is the adaptation of the EAWS training course to the structure of MTM training; this has been decided by the Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung’s examinations board. MTM is therefore guaranteeing the quality of the training standard and promoting the unified and proper use of EAWS.

Communicating the principles of EAWS assessment
The EAWS training course communicates the principles so that people can conduct a correct assessment of workloads (workload analysis) with EAWS (paper and pencil method) – both for existing work systems and also for future, planned work systems. The participants gain initial experience with the EAWS set of rules; they can then prepare EAWS assessments independently and can evaluate how to use EAWS sensibly in their professional environment. There are no special conditions attached to participating in the EAWS training; however, a fundamental knowledge of ergonomics is recommended – e. g. regarding workplace design, work organization or behavior ergonomics. The EAWS training concludes with a written examination.

EAWS Practitioner training – public, inhouse or as coaching on the job
Once a person has successfully completed the EAWS training course and gained practical experience in using the system, the EAWS Practitioner training course can be taken – as a public or in-house course or as coaching on the job. Once this has been concluded successfully, the participant receives the "Blue Card" EAWS, the internationally recognized evidence of qualifications and it is valid for three years. The EAWS Practitioner training course is ideally suitable for specialists and managers from the fields of industrial engineering, planning, time management, production scheduling, production, logistics, product and production facilities design – as well as for corporate physicians, those responsible for health and safety at work, representatives of the works council and other lobby groups that should conduct ergonomic analyses or assessments.

MTM – globally recognized training standards
The "Blue Card" EAWS can be extended after three years if a person attends the EAWS Practitioner refresher course organized by the Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e. V. or participates in an inhouse EAWS Practitioner refresher course. The qualification guarantees that EAWS Practitioners have updated and trained their skills and knowledge of using EAWS regularly every three years – which is an important issue for the German MTM Association too as the provider of the qualification. "The restructuring of the EAWS training course adopted by the examination board will help guarantee the quality of our training and therefore the proper use of the procedure in practice in the long term", says Dr. Thomas Finsterbusch, Head of the MTM Academy, emphasizing this point. "The same applies to the training of MTM Practitioners and MTM and EAWS Instructors."

The German MTM Association has written down the principles of the MTM training courses in the introduction to the training and examinations order that was revised in August. The MTM training standards are initially based on the most important element in the MTM process language: standardized and globally recognized reference performance trustworthiness – and also on global standards for access conditions, certificates, training documents, rules and teaching plans for training in the MTM-1, MTM-2, MTM-UAS, MTM-MEK, ProKon and EAWS systems as well as defined quality requirements for the instructors. Offering an internationally recognized training standard, however, also means guaranteeing the global availability of the qualification course in many languages and initiating and maintaining an exchange of experiences between MTM and its users.

The new training and examination rules at Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e. V. will come into effect on 1 January 2018.

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