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IMD Fall Meeting: International key-user meeting planned to assess ergonomics with EAWS

The fall meeting of the International MTM Directorate (IMD) took place this year in Budapest at the invitation of the MTM chapter in Hungary. Under the leadership of the Board Members Chester Dobrowski (USA/Canada), Guillaume Lachevre (France) and Gabriele Caragnano (Italy) and the Technical Director, Prof. Dr. Peter Kuhlang, representatives from national MTM associations and chapters from all over the world discussed the proper use and further development of the MTM process language. Right at the beginning of the meeting, there was good reason for the host country Hungary to celebrate. The IMD Board unanimously agreed to accept MTM Hungary as a full member of the IMD; this decision will now be ratified during the 2017 spring meeting.

The meeting focused on technical/specialist topics like shaping the teaching materials for the individual process building block systems and ProKon. The IMD is also working on an online training course, which will communicate the necessary knowledge to people so that they can directly start with a more highly aggregated MTM building block system. As regards the EAWS (Ergonomic Assessment Worksheet” assessment standard, MTM Italy suggested an international key-user meeting. Invitations are likely to be sent to leading European corporations, which use EAWS and wish and have to continue developing this in line with future requirements for the European manufacturing industry. Topics like increasing the efficiency of ergonomic assessments, the international and European ISO standards and comparing the requirements profile of a work station with the performance ability of the employee in question are all items on the agenda. EAWS user groups are currently active in Italy, Germany and Hungary. 

The next meeting of the IMD will take place in Barcelona in the spring of next year. The host will be the Spanish MTM Association, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2017.

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