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LILA LOGISTIK plans and calculates with MTM – and realizes optimization potetial at the same time

MÜLLER | DIE LILA LOGISTIK stands for a modern understanding of logistics: Planning and implementing the logistics process along the value-added chain – and from one source. The corporation, which has its headquarters in Besigheim in the state of Baden-Württemberg, develops solutions in procurement, production and distribution logistics. LILA LOGISTIK provides consultancy services (LILA CONSULT) in these three fields and the implementation of logistics solutions (LILA OPERATING). About 1,650 employees work for LILA CONSULT (management consulting, logistics engineering, interim management) and LILA OPERATING at more than 20 business sites in Germany and Europe. LILA LOGISTIK also provides pre-assembly work or the assembly of modules or components for customers, e.g. in the automobile or white goods industries, at its own logistics service centers. The corporation makes use of a valid database for planning and calculating relevant quotations – and that means using MTM.

The subject matter of a joint project with Deutsche MTM-Gesellschaft mbH for planning and calculating a quotation concept for a customer in the automobile industry initially involved drawing up analyses with the MTM UAS building block system. The Universal Analysis System is an MTM building block system on the hierarchical level of basic operations and is ideally suited to planning processes and assessing them in terms of time. However, MTM UAS is not restricted to production processes, but can also be used in other sectors – e.g. logistics. Standard worksheets, lists of parts, work station layouts and information from the consultants at LILA CONSULT acted as the basis for analyzing the work stations. The management of all the MTM data takes place in the MTM TiCon software, which has been in use at LILA CONSULT since 2005.

MTM UAS, however, not only makes it possible to determine the planned time values for the pre-assembly of selected products or product families. The transparency associated with the analysis also forms a good basis for identifying waste so that highly efficient processes can be designed. Ideas like preventing multiple handling or arranging the parts, equipment, devices and tools in the correct sequence were some of the results gained from the project, for example. Design potential for delivering materials to work stations (including the coordination of existing or planned concepts in terms of radii of action, supplying items and arranging containers) also came to light.

LILA CONSULT Managing Director Jörg Jongmanns is very satisfied with the results of the project. “Based on the data determined by MTM, it’s now generally possible to plan, optimize and calculate procedures quickly and efficiently. The optimization potential, which was gained during the project, is a useful side-effect,” Jongmanns emphasizes. “This is another project, which we’ve been able to plan in an advisory capacity and can now implement too. The assignment ordered by the customer now involves designing the work stations and completing detailed performance analyses.”

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