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MTM-1® Base as an E-Learning Course Now Available in English Too

25 September 2019
Training from Anywhere in the World at Any Time

MTM ASSOCIATION e. V. is launching its training services for the fall in 2019 with an extended range of e-learning opportunities, an even more attractive online store and a new version of MTM-1
® Base for interested parties.

The e-learning MTM-1® Base course can now be completed in English too. Member corporations, partners and interested parties are therefore able to learn the principles of MTM anywhere in the world and at any time in a flexible manner. “We can reach a much larger target group with the English language version and therefore make an important contribution to consistently spreading MTM around the globe,” says the Head of the Institute, Prof. Dr. Peter Kuhlang, emphasizing the benefits; he is coordinating the international training at MTM and has also launched the e-learning facility with his team.

Having an English version of the online store marks another step towards achieving internationalization for the MTM organization. The training opportunities provided by MTM ASSOCIATION e. V. can now be booked via the online store in either German or English. Usability has been significantly improved too. Interested persons can reach their preferred training course simpler and faster – find out for yourself at the new online store.

MTM-1® Base e-learning as a version for interested persons
There is another new feature too: anyone who would like to get to know MTM-1® Base in English or German in the e-learning version and would like to simply click through the course, can now make use of a version for interested parties. Simply send an e-mail to or . Access to this demonstration version is valid for three months for interested persons (this can be extended) and for one year for MTM Instructors.

This service applies to interested persons who have already completed an MTM-1® training course (or higher) and MTM Instructors. Instructors therefore have the opportunity to present the e-learning version as part of their courses. Please note: the e-learning version of MTM-1® Base for interested persons and Instructors does not lead to any certificate! In principle, it contains all the learning units (e.g. on the basic procedures), but the tests are not available so that no certificate is generated. The course documentation cannot be downloaded in the demonstration version either.