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MTM and EAWS Practitioner Courses Conclude with an Examination from 2018 Onwards

The new training and examination regulations at Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e. V. (German MTM Association) come into force on 1 January 2018. One of the most important changes involves the restructuring of the EAWS training. People wishing to become an EAWS Practitioner must first complete the five-day EAWS training course. And there is another new feature: All the formats for the MTM and EAWS Practitioner training courses will conclude with a written examination in the future. The examination content is geared towards the criteria used for the assignment completed at home in the past; this ensures that the high quality of the Practitioner training is safeguarded in the future too.

Restructuring means that the qualifying process to become an EAWS Practitioner will generally start with the EAWS training course (five days) from the start of 2018 onwards. This must be successfully completed if people are to participate in the qualifying course to become an EAWS Practitioner (five days). The “Blue Card” (EAWS), the internationally recognized evidence of qualifications for EAWS Practitioners, which is valid for three years, can be extended by successfully attending a refresher course covering the qualifications to become an EAWS Practitioner. The background to this restructuring program is the adaptation of the EAWS training course to the structure of MTM training – a measure decided by the examinations committee at Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e. V. The first opportunity to complete the EAWS training will be in Stuttgart from 29 January until 2 February 2018. The MTM Academy is offering the first training course for EAWS Practitioners in 2018 in Stuttgart too, from 5 February until 9 February.

As in the case of the EAWS Practitioner, the training to become an MTM Practitioner can be completed as a public course, an in-house course and – what is new – in the form of “coaching on the job.” The pathway to the “Blue Card” (Practitioner) takes people from MTM-1 training (ten days) via a second MTM process building block system – MTM-SD, MTM-2, MTM-UAS, MTM-MEK, BMW SD or C values (five days) – and practice in using the system up to the MTM Practitioner qualification (five days).

New training format: Coaching on the job
The “coaching on the job” format is a training course within a corporation with intense individual support or in a small group of no more than three participants; this takes place within the framework of a corporate design or improvement project. This means that the qualification process does not take place in seminar rooms, but directly at the corporate premises on the shop floor. The new training format creates a win-win situation for employees and corporations. The employee acquires an extensive knowledge of methods and – almost as a side-effect – the “Blue Card.” The use of the MTM process building block systems in corporate practice creates greater confidence in using them. The enterprise, in turn, benefits from having a highly qualified employee and improved – and faster – integration of the method in operating procedures as well as the identification of specific design or improvement potential that results from this.

Training concepts for specific corporations
Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e. V. also offers the possibility of adapting the MTM Practitioner training to the individual needs of corporations by integrating specific corporate topics. The MTM Academy is especially interested in providing qualifications for companies’ internal MTM Instructors, who then conduct the training courses – particularly for MTM Practitioners – within their enterprises. Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e. V. is also supporting companies in the organization and completion of MTM training courses at German and international locations.

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