MTM – Work design productive and safe

MTM conducts research on qualifications at a shop floor level

The German MTM Association, or rather the MTM Institute, has been operating and supporting research into ergonomics at a national and international level for more than 15 years. MTM member companies are therefore the first to share in the results and have the opportunity to test the new methods, tools and concepts in practice as application partners. Several development projects are taking place at the moment – e.g. on the new MTM- HWD® (Human Work Design) building block system, on the standardization of the EAWS ergonomic assessment tool by the user group with the same name and on value stream management.

MTM is also a partner in various network projects sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research and the Federal Ministry for Labor and Social Affairs as part of the “Initiative for New Quality in Work” associated with Industry 4.0. After running for three years, the “Engineering and mainstreaming of learning-conducive industrial Activity Systems for Industry 4.0”, known as ELIAS, is now drawing to a close. Learning, which is closely related to the workplace in a digital world, has been the major focus of the project.

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