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MTM-EasyTime: Calculating Standard Times – Simply, Quickly and Reliably

18 June 2019
Deutsche MTM-Gesellschaft mbH Launches First Cloud-Based Time Management Software

Introducing modern time management is (still not) an issue for many medium-sized enterprises – although their current productivity levels are often inadequate to safeguard their competitiveness in the long term. They normally say that determining reliable, work-related time data is too complicated, too long-winded and, above all, too expensive. According to studies, 70-80% of medium-sized enterprises in the manufacturing sector perform their planning work using times from previous years and decades, but often just using figures based on experience or estimates. However, do they know what their own production department is capable of performing? They do not have any precise figures – and that is the problem. Deutsche MTM-Gesellschaft mbH now has the solution: MTM-EasyTime, the first cloud-based software solution to calculate reference times simply, quickly, reliably and cheaply.

Lowering unit costs, safeguarding delivery capacity, maintaining quality and ultimately being well ahead of the competition – these are the challenges that all manufacturing corporations face. Deutsche MTM-Gesellschaft mbH has now brought on to the market MTM-EasyTime, time management software that is particularly suitable for medium-sized enterprise structures: It is simple to use, provides quick results and is, in particular, inexpensive. Anybody who wishes to know what is really going on in their production, where the bottlenecks are and what hidden potential is available can achieve the basis for this by using EasyTime: i. e. time. It is possible to calculate products and prices on the basis of MTM Reference Times, plan human resources needs, manage production – and therefore not just respond to changes in customer requirements, but act in the market place with self-confidence.

Reference times "approved by MTM"

A reference time determined by using MTM-EasyTime is the time when a work task can be completed in the existing work system – depending on the general conditions at the corporation – i.e. on the degree of organization in production and the workplace layout. The fact that the software has been developed on the basis of MTM process building block systems gives users the necessary certainty – the reliability of having an internationally recognized standard that is “approved by MTM.”

Here is a summary of the benefits of using MTM-EasyTime:

  • Mobile calculations in the production department or using the item list on your desktop
  • No special software installation required
  • Data can be reused at any time
  • Ideal for a large variety of options too
  • An idea provider and decision-making tool to improve the organizational structure
  • A direct presentation of potential and competent advice to achieve this

MTM-EasyTime for simply and quickly determining reference times is the first product in the MTM-Easy family. There will be cloud-based software solutions for production-oriented design (MTM-EasyDesign) and ergonomic work design (MTM-EasyErgonomics) too in the near future.

Anybody can test the software solution free of charge until 31 December 2019.
Simply register at or redeem your voucher. You can find more information about MTM-EasyTime and view the “How to” video on our website at

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