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MTM-eHPV-Expert: First Public Training Course in November 2017

The MTM Academy is offering the first public MTM-eHPV-Expert training course on 13 November 2017. The three-day course will communicate knowledge and skills when dealing with the key performance indicator known as eHPV (engineered hours per vehicle), the current global standard for assessing the work content in vehicle assembly operations caused by the design. The course is directed at specialists and managers in the fields of design, planning and production in the automobile industry and its suppliers. 


  • A key performance indicator, which measures the work content caused by its design for a vehicle during the assembly stage. This work content consists of the manual effort and time required for assembling all the components in the vehicle.
  • A reproducible and comparable factor. It can therefore be used as a benchmark for product designs and assembly work both inside and outside corporations.
  • An important method for developing vehicles too, as it can already be used during the early stages.

The standardized procedure with MTM-eHPV process building blocks enables users to describe, assess and compare product designs within the process of vehicle analysis. Design features of the components are also described and visualized as a result of the eHPV assessment.

The vehicle analysis working group of the German Association of the Automobile Industry had developed the standard and then transferred all the usage rights regarding the eHPV data, data cards and teaching documents to the Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e. V., one of the partners in the eHPV development project. On this basis, the Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e. V. is now offering certified eHPV training courses with an examination, it is looking after the maintenance of the data and is pressing ahead with the global spread of the standard.

The specialist contact partner for the MTM-eHPV-Expert course is Dr. Thomas Finsterbusch, Head of the MTM Academy; email: thomas.finsterbusch [AT] dmtm [PUNKT] com">.

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