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MTM-HWD®: Validity of the New Process Building Block System Confirmed

18 June 2019
The HWD® (Human Work Design) joint project is entering its final phase. RWTH Aachen University recently confirmed the validity of the new MTM process building block system with regard to its time evaluations in comparison to MTM-1. According to the university, MTM-HWD® has been developed in line with the regulations and can now be put to use in operational practice: ranging from mass production to series manufacturing with short cycles. The project partners and the newly gained authorized users, Kiekert, Bosch, BSH, Schaeffler and Cooper Standard, are currently gaining experience in using the system in practice. 

The MTM-HWD® process building block system combines methodical and ergonomic work design in just one stage for the very first time. While the conventional MTM process building block systems are primarily used by work planners, HWD® (Human Work Design) is designed for use by several operating departments: ranging from time management to ergonomics/corporate health management/the corporate physician, product development and design and even the human resources department and improvement management. The great benefit here is that a single analysis provides four results simultaneously: a process description, time, ergonomics and the productivity KPI known as eHpU (engineered hours per unit). “The very positive results that we’ve now gained have confirmed the stability of MTM-HWD®, even when it’s being used in real conditions. I’m particularly delighted to note that the project team managed to complete the work within the set deadline and we’ve been able to enter the final phase of the project on schedule,” says Jörg Härtel, Project Manager for Human Work Design, emphasizing his point.

Human-oriented work design with MTM-HWD®

"MTM-HWD® satisfies the requirements for human-oriented work design like no other process language that’s available at the moment", says Prof. Dr. Peter Kuhlang, Head of the MTM Institute. "In addition, it provides technologies like 3D simulation so that it’s possible to handle this language efficiently – which was not yet the case when developing earlier process building block systems, e.g. MTM-UAS. MTM-HWD® can make a crucial contribution to ensuring that industrial engineering arrives in the digitalization age. For MTM-HWD® supplies the basic and most important raw material for the digital age – i. e. data", Kuhlang emphasizes.

MTM-HWD® is now an official element in the training and examination regulations at Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e. V. Many training courses have now been held, including in-house training sessions at Volkswagen, Bosch, BSH and Schaeffler. The demand for the public MTM-HWD® training courses for authorized users and new customers has also increased markedly. Dr. Thomas Finsterbusch, Head of the MTM Academy, points out that it is now possible to acquire the MTM Practitioner qualifications and therefore the “blue card” via the MTM-HWD® training course. Only instructors from the project’s joint partners will receive a teaching license for the MTM-HWD® process building block system until the project has been completed.

Initial pilot training course in English successfully completed

As the interest in the new MTM process building block system is increasing abroad too, Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e. V. is currently working on the training documents in English. The first pilot training course in English was held in Hamburg in May. "This ensures that we’re creating the conditions for making human-oriented work design with MTM-HWD® a standard tool in the international market too", says Dr. Thomas Finsterbusch.

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