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MTM-on-Demand: Simply, Quickly and Reliably at Standard Times

The MTM Concept for Medium-Sized Enterprises – live at the MTM Conference 2018

Deutsche MTM-Gesellschaft Industrie- und Wirtschaftsberatung mbH is planning to make it easier for medium-sized enterprises, which do not have unlimited resources due to their size and level of organization, to gain access to the subject of MTM. The focal point of the new concept for medium-sized corporations is an “on-demand” cloud-based software solution.

MTM-on-Demand is made available and operated on cloud servers. That means that the enterprise using it does not have to invest in any in-house IT solution to generate standard times or establish MTM expert knowledge within the corporation. A web browser and access to the Internet are all that are needed for (global) access to the software. Services and ongoing developments are the responsibility of the operator, MTM. There is another benefit for corporations using the MTM concept too: MTM-on-Demand can be simply and quickly introduced into current operations, as no special modifications are necessary for the IT landscape currently being used within the enterprise.

MTM-on-Demand is ideally suited for companies that have to plan processes, throughput times and human resources needs in their assembly, machine operation as well as material and internal logistics departments and do not wish to make use of estimated or experiential values, but substantiated and dependable standard times. The corporations only have to provide specifications on their in-house organization, their field of activity and the general conditions and layout of production. These details are married to the neutral MTM data in the cloud and are then made available to the corporation as specific work system data for calculating times.

The MTM concept for medium-sized enterprises has already been successfully tested in practice. AVS Aggregatebau GmbH in Ehingen-Stetten and the MTM Software Center will report on their experiences with MTM-on-Demand for calculating times and determining human resources needs via parts lists and for implementing the new assembly times on the shop floor at the MTM Conference on 27 April 2018.

The MTM Conference not only provides useful information first-hand for corporations interested in on-demand solutions. There will be a software information seminar on using the TiCon MTM software for assembly and logistics operations – live and with a practical orientation – for all those attending on the day before the MTM Conference, i. e. 26 April 2018.

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