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MTM world body adopts internationally standardized EAWS teaching materials

The spring meeting of the international MTM Directorate (IMD) was held in Vienna this year at the invitation of the Austrian MTM Association and with support from the Faculty of Engineering and Management at the city’s University of Technology. More than 25 participants from national MTM associations from all over the world discussed the ongoing spread of MTM and the development of qualification opportunities around the globe on 14 – 16 May 2015. Deliberations mainly focused on the international standardization of the teaching concept and the teaching materials for the EAWS Ergonomic Assessment Work Sheet as an ergonomic assessment tool. The IMD board unanimously approved the extensive project at the meeting in the wake of a successful test and the members provided clearance for the publication of the master copy of the teaching materials in English.

A project team on the IMD had worked very hard on standardizing the EAWS teaching materials in the months leading up to the gathering. During the week prior to the IMD meeting, the new teaching materials, the accompanying PPT presentation and the repeat and assessment tasks were successfully tested in the form of an EAWS practitioner course led by Gabriele Caragnano from MTM Italy, who is the Executive Director of the IMD. 14 participants from different national MTM associations, including Austria, South Africa, Turkey, Great Britain, Poland and Germany, took part in this course. Prof. Dr. Peter Kuhlang, Head of the MTM Institute and MTM Academy, and the chief EAWS instructor, Dr. Steffen Rast, represented the German Association – an important factor with regard to the international standardization of the official line of thought. Particular thanks should go to the Austrian MTM Association and its chairman Thomas Gehart, who paved the way for and organized this EAWS practitioner course with its many international participants.

The IMD board meeting on 16 May 2015 then unanimously adopted the EAWS standardization project and passed it on to the Italian MTM Association for technical finalization. As soon as the new EAWS version 1.3.5 is available as a master copy in English, the German MTM Association will prepare and put into use the relevant teaching documentation in German. The IMD is pursuing the goal on the international stage of ensuring that the national MTM associations translate their EAWS materials into their national language as part of the standard clearance process and that this information will be available for use at their training courses by 1 March 2016 at the very latest.

Another issue on the agenda of the IMD spring meeting was devoted to the subject of MTM in China. Dr. Li Zhen, the Chief Representative of MTM in Shanghai, presented his team’s efforts to spread MTM in his country. There was also a presentation of the Chinese version of the MTM 1 teaching materials that match the IMD standards; they were developed by the MTM Institute in close cooperation with our Chinese colleagues. Contacts from the national MTM associations will be used to continuing spreading MTM standards in China.

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