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MTM/IE regional: The next meetings at the VW Training Institute, Daimler and Siemens

Saxony MTM/IE regional group at the VW Training Institute in Zwickau on 8 February 2018 – focusing on MTM-HWD®

The Saxony MTM/IE regional group will gather for its first meeting of the new year at the Volkswagen Training Institute, Reichenbacher Strasse 76 in Zwickau at 2 p.m. on 8 February 2018. The event will focus on qualification facilities available in the industrial engineering department at VW – and the speaker will be Philipp Schubert from Volkswagen Bildungsinstitut GmbH.

The main topic on using MTM is the new MTM-HWD® process building block system, which VW has helped develop as a member of the relevant consortium. The contact partners with expert knowledge of the subject of HWD® are Dr. Thomas Finsterbusch, Head of the MTM Academy, who will give a lecture on the subject, and Olaf Damitz from VW, who will make comments from the point of view of the company that is using the system.

Following discussions and an exchange of experiences, those participating will have an opportunity to get to know more about the Volkswagen Training Institute and gain some idea of what is available there. Interested guests are very welcome to attend!


Berlin/Brandenburg MTM/IE regional group at Daimler in Berlin on 13 February 2018 – focusing on employee qualifications on the shop floor

Daimler AG in Berlin will be the host for the 13th meeting of the Berlin/Brandenburg MTM/IE regional group. Torsten Koren from the work management department will introduce the Mercedes Benz factory in Berlin to those attending. There will then be a guided tour through the rail production unit.

The specialist lecture will be given this time by Manuela Ostermeier, a research assistant at the MTM Institute. She will focus on employee qualifications on the shop floor in the light of digitalization and human/robot interaction – and the issue of how this is connected to MTM. Regional group leader Wolfgang Bonnen, who will chair the meeting, will then report on current projects and development issues related to MTM. Guests are very welcome to attend!


Bavaria MTM/IE regional group at Siemens in Amberg on 21 March 2018 – focusing on digital time management

The issue of digital time management will be the major focus of the first meeting of the Bavaria MTM/IE regional group this year. The host on 21 March 2018 will be Siemens AG at Amberg. Dominik Sachsenhauser from Siemens will give the relevant keynote lecture.

The discussions will be followed by an introduction to the Amberg site and a guided tour of the factory there. There are also plans for a lecture on the subject of human/robot collaboration from MTM. Guests are very welcome to attend – including those from other MTM/IE regional groups.

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