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New at the MTM Academy: Courses on MB standard time values (C values) in the program

Daimler AG has transferred the usage rights to its MB standard time figures (C values), which is Daimler’s specific building blocks system, to the German MTM Association (DMTMV). These usage rights include the training documents on MB standard time figures, the data cards on MB standard times (C values) for assembly work and the MB standard times (C values) for measuring and checking operations. As a result, DMTMV is authorized to handle both the training for using the C values and also the courses for obtaining the “C values” instructor’s license. Daimler AG continues to be responsible for managing the content of the “C values”. The usage agreement signed between Daimler AG and the MTM Association is initially valid until 31 December 2019.

Public courses and in-house training sessions for interested companies and persons, particularly suppliers, will be conducted according to the DMTMV’s examinations rules, which will apply from 1 January 2017. They stipulate, among other things, that the formal decision covering any participation on the training courses shall be made by the relevant firm in a corporate building block system recognized by MTM. Daimler therefore reserves the right to approve those involved in the group of participants.

In order to obtain a “C values” certificate, those attending must have first successfully completed the MTM-1 examination. A well-founded knowledge of the MTM standard data basic figures (SD-BW) is also recommended. The duration of the “C values” course is 40 hours. The course concludes with a written examination. The certified qualification in one of the recognized corporate building block systems also counts as a complete building block system and therefore allows candidates to start their training on the MTM Practitioner and MTM instructor courses.

Two dates for a public “C values” course are being planned for next year: 3 – 7 April 2017 and 13 – 17 November 2017. The course will be held in Stuttgart on both occasions. The number of participants is normally restricted to 20. You can obtain further information on the course and the registration process by sending a mail to: akademie [AT] dmtm [PUNKT] com">.

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